Our Story


“To embrace E-Power, along with all the many and varied benefits it brings to the future of Urban Transportation. To create E-Bikes that give everyone the freedom to rediscover the joys and benefits of cycling, without any of the past constraints.”

FiSHAW Electric Bicycles are a subsidiary of FiSHAW Technologies.

Technology, Engineering and Design are key to FiSHAW’s vision.

After discovering the long list of benefits that E-Bikes have brought with them and much research into the current developments and technology available today, FiSHAW Electric Bikes were born.

We brought together an international team to collaborate with, to design contemporary E-Bikes, with modern designs and the most up to date technology. Our manufacturing bases in Europe and Asia have produced a new range of E-Bikes that bring to the market the culmination of our efforts.

FiSHAW is at the forefront of providing our customers with E-Bikes that will stand the test of time. We will continue to provide you with exceptional E-Bikes, with new innovations in the pipeline to revolutionise the E-Bike world as we know it.

The E-Bike has certainly come of age; from 1895 when the first patent was filed, to today when they are outselling conventional bicycles in many parts of Europe. The Electric Bicycle is here to stay.

We are excited to be part of this Urban Transportation Revolution and wholeheartedly endorse the myriad of benefits that our bikes bring to the world; Urban Sustainability, Community Connectedness, Reducing our Carbon Footprint, Physical and Mental Health Benefits.

The number of new riders that have been previously excluded- due to age, injury, fitness, terrain or distance constraints; along with making commuting a viable option, are all reasons that you need to join us in this revolution on your very own FiSHAW Electric Bike.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and providing you with a bicycle that will literally change your life and your world.

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