Fishaw Etook Foldable Anti-Theft Lock


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E-Bike anti-theft lock for superior security to protect your e-bike from unwanted attention. The beauty of these folding locks isn’t just the extra locking options that their flexibility gives you, they are also the easiest bike locks to carry and relatively light weight for a lock of this strength.

• Folding E-Bike lock with innovative mounting bracket
• Quick easy removal and storage from the storage bracket.
• Multiple mounting options for various bike frames.
• Length – 90 cm for greater versatility.
• Weight – 1050 grams
• Hardened Steel
• Shearing Resistance – 9 ton
• Soft plastic cover on the steel, prevents damage to paintwork.
• Anti-Bump Lock – anti-bump locks require special keys and have more pins. They are much more durable and have shallow pin stacks to prevent the pins from jumping up.
• Anti-Drill Lock – anti-drill locks have pins that are much stronger than other locks, such as steel pins and ceramic plates. They also have a steel cylinder which makes it almost impossible to drill into, even with a diamond-tipped drill.
• The key cylinder is made of alloy copper, each key has a unique number code.
• Swiss Technology

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