The H400 rear drive motor is an ideal choice for our touring and commuter E -bikes. The 250-watt power input and maximum assistance of 25kph, comply with Australian regulations to make your E bike legally able to be ridden on the road.

This rear-drive motor provides reliable support to our entry model commuter E-Bike. Bafang motors feature high quality workmanship and are very silent running. They are also very efficient thanks to a relatively very small air gap between stator and housing and smooth-running nylon gears.

The Bafang SWXH2-R Motor is a cassette motor. Due to the integrated cassette mount a screw-on freewheel is not necessary. The modern cassette system offers a great range of available gear ratios.

Strong and efficient, continuous power 250W,36Volt, brushless geared motor with free wheel Hall sensor system. Brushless motors use electronic controllers instead of brush systems to control the timing and distribution of power to the motor. To do this, the R400 controller system uses hall-effect sensors inside the hub, which track the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence to make it spin.

BAFANG M- SERIES UB400&UB600 M300&M500

FiSHAW chose Bafang’s mid drive systems for their high efficiency, low power consumption, and longer riding distance. Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated – these are the attributes of the Bafang M-Series. Our drive systems are characterized by low weight, low noise, long battery life and harmonious handling. With the enormous minimum power assistance of 80 Nm of torque for our commuter mid drive bikes and an unprecedented 95Nm! of torque to power our Mountain bikes; while still complying with the power limit under Australian Electric Bike Laws; it was the logical choice.

Our Rider Electro Synergistic Technology (REST) pushes the possibilities and abilities of bicycles into yet unexplored realms. It is indeed an exciting time in the world of bicycles. Integration of power inputs is the success of any pedal assisted bicycle. When the collaboration between torque, cadence, and velocity match seamlessly, the rider achieves a balanced sensation of power and natural riding quality.

Our FiSHAW Torque Sensor (FTS) technology creates an intuitive, smooth distribution of power that matches the power of the drive system to that of the rider. the rider is able to maintain consistent motion with or without assistance, exactly similar to the accustomed feel of a conventional bicycle. When you ride your FiSHAW mid drive E -Bike you will understand our passion to bring you advanced integrated, intuitive mid motor technology at an affordable price to combat the barriers to getting everyone back to biking; no matter their abilities or circumstances.


Quick response, explosive power delivery, high torque at low speed – that’s how the new M500 offers a convincing performance on the trail, without getting noisy. Its 95Nm and 250W support the sporty eMTB rider up to 25km/h. But the motor weighs just 3.3kg. Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated – these are the attributes of the Bafang M-Series.

When the trail gets steep and technical, the M500 drive system comes into its own. With enormous 95 Nm of torque it delivers consistent, powerful and efficient support. Two speed sensors and a torque sensor ensure perfectly tuned and sensitive
power output. With this high-performance and lightweight system riding your favourite single trail twice might not even be enough.


Light, powerful and extremely durable are the key qualities of the classic M400 drive system. With 250W rated power output, 80Nm of torque and weighing just 3.9kg, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of modern touring E-Bikes, consistently providing riders with harmonious and dependable support with an enormous 80 Nm of torque.

The perfect responsiveness is managed through three sensors: one torque sensor and two speed sensors work together in perfect harmony.

The controller ensures system safety with the fed-back torque signals and dual speed signals (PAS speed signals and bicycle wheel RPM signals); With a high starting torque and a maximum torque of no smaller than 80N.m, it is
especially suitable for climbing; High efficiency, low power consumption, and longer riding distance. Low noise and smooth operation.

The Bafang E-City drive systems are characterized by low weight, long battery life and harmonious handling. Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated – these are the attributes of the Bafang M-Series.



  • Full Colour Display
  • Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity)
  • Up to 9 levels of assist
  • Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery (goes up to 60V)
  • Full sized USB Type A charging port built into the base
  • Accurate battery gauge
  • Power Output -Choose Watts or Amps
  • Clock
  • Password Lock (only locks the screen, motor will still work)
  • Error code list and memory
  • Waterproof
  • Ambient light sensor -auto-adjusts brightness based on surroundings
  • Precision Infographics
  • Speedometer – Choose Mph or Kmph
  • Trip Distance
  • Odometer – Total Distance
  • Speed – Current / Average / Maximum
  • Range Estimate
  • Calories Burned
  • Trip Timer
  • Double tap the i (Information) button to enter settings menu

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